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Your dog stays in clean, comfortable residential home with one of our trainers listed below. They receive training in the home, outside the home and in public. Anywhere we go- they go! Parks, restaurants, hiking, home depot, you name it! We immerse your dog into a wholesome, balanced training experience.

Our team consists of professional and balanced dog trainers servicing Granite Bay, Folsom, and all of Northern CA. We also offer courier services to those who wish to use our services but traveling is difficult. Our trainers are well educated and reputable. Each have extensive experience working with a wide variety of dogs in all areas ranging from puppy manners and obedience to competition and serious behavior modification. They have had the privilege of not only teaching, but competing nationally and internationally. Our trainers have a unique ability to quickly adapt to any dog in front of them and communicate clearly to create balanced relationships. Every training approach is directly tailored to each person and their dog. Methods of training vary and is dependent upon the abilities, comfort, and necessities of each handler and their dog. We strive to give you the tools and education needed to have a successful future with your canine companion in all venues, and we like to have fun doing it.

See our trainers below!

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Meet Emily

Emily is owner and founder of Canine Balance Dog Training. She was born into a family of dog lovers and there was not a time that dogs were not involved in her life. From the time she was big enough to hold a leash, she was finding ways to train and interact with her family dogs. Little did she know that her make shift agility courses in the backyard would later turn into her life passion and career. 

Her parents quickly recognized her ambitions and bought her first competition dog when she was 9 years old. He was a red Doberman Pinscher imported from Germany who was named "Nitro". That was the dog who opened her eyes to the world of dog sports. Since then, she has competed in numerous dog sports with a variety of different breeds. She has had the opportunity to travel and compete both nationally and internationally with some of the best teams in the U.S. Emily has not only accomplished titling her dogs in the highest levels of French Ring Sport, but has became a NARA Judge for the most difficult training sport in the world. 

She later turned her hobby into her career. Starting her dog training business was the best decision she had ever made for herself. She heads our behavioral training department and has yet to have a pet she could not help dramatically. She gets to train all day, everyday, and help so many families with their canine companions. She is looking forward to decades more of training.  

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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer has been training dogs for nearly 20 years. She is also owner of Canine Balance Dog Training. She has been around animals her entire life. From a young age she was exposed to all sorts of animals, from domesticated small pets to exotics and livestock.

She began her journey with dog training after going to a nearby Schutzhund trial. From then on- she was hooked and knew that this was what she wanted to pursue. After that, she spent many years showing, training, trialing and titling dogs.

Not only does she train dogs and help their owners, but she also works as a Registered Veterinary Technician. She has multiple certificates in a wide variety of areas and continues her education every possible moment she can. One of her favorite divisions being the “Human-Animal Bond”.

Her passion for working with animals has allowed her to create a career doing what she loves… helping dogs and their owners co-exist. 

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About Our Trainers: About Me

Meet Christal

Meet Christal! Christal is a valuable asset to our team. We are so grateful and honored to have her join us here at Canine Balance Dog Training. Christal has a passion for all animals large and small. She is an experienced and highly skilled RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) and holds a current license. She is continually learning and continuing her education for veterinary medicine as well as dog training.
She is experienced in training, trialing, showing and evaluating dogs. Her pets include a Belgian Malinois named "Kratos", a Beauceron named "Gunther", a beauceron named "Artemis", numerous ducks, chickens, quails, 3 cats and continues to add to her small farm!
Christal is kind, compassionate and hard working. She strives to ensure animal care, training, husbandry and client education are at the fore front of her career.
We love Christal and our clients do too!

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