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Which types of animals does Canine Balance
Dog Training train?

We train all dogs, all breeds, all sizes and all ages and for a variety of issues.  We have multiple different training packages for all categories of training. From Basic to Advanced, Puppy to Behavior Modification, we have a program that fits your needs. No problem is to big for us! Give us a call for a tailored program fit for you and your pet! 916-580-4227

What does Canine Balance
Dog Training do differently than others in your field?

We believe in customer communication and meticulous pet care. We communicate with you during the duration of your pet's stay, and update you of progress. Your pet stays at the home with one of our trainers (not at a warehouse). Safety is our priority. We have the most experienced trainers working hard to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your pet, as well as provide the most comprehensive training available. Our owners are experienced and knowledgeable in Veterinary medicine, and we have a full time RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician) on staff. Our company offers quality and value that no other business can compete with!

What is your training methodology?

Canine Balance is considered a "Balanced" dog training company. We used "Balanced" methods tailored to the individual dog's needs. Not all methods or tools are appropriate for every dog. As all dogs are different, having different temperaments or energy levels- we modify all our programs to use the tools that work best for your dog. All initial training is done with positive reinforcement only, correction if needed after initial training is completed.

Where and how are the dogs housed. 

All dogs are housed at our training facility in Grass Valley. The training facility is the personal home of the owner and founder of Canine Balance, Emily. When not supervised, pets are always crated in a secure environment with access to fresh water. We do have outdoor kennels that are cleaned and sanitized with fresh water access.

Do you offer courier services?

Yes! We service all of Northern California and offer courier services at a rate of $1.80 per mile. No charge for customers within our city limits.

Do you offer financing?

Yes! We accept PayPal Credit as well as have partnered with a financing company- offering competitive rates with 6 month promotional periods! Your dog's training is important, and with-holding training can make some behavioral problems worse- so call today to get financing options! 916-580-4227

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