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Advanced Obedience Training

Off Leash Obedience






Loose leash walking

Step up your dogs training with off-leash control in this intensive 5 week board and train course. Using a balanced dog training system, we will advance your dog's basic obedience to off-leash control. You won't be disappointed! Your dog will also go home with his/her own place cot, treat pouch, leash, training collar, and remote collar.

What sets us apart from traditional Board and Train Programs? Your pet will stay at a facility in Grass Valley where we have 24 hours on site personnel. We have a residential home used for training and they will gain realistic, real-life training in a home-like environment. They will become part of the family from breakfast to bedtime, they will be supervised and trained appropriate behaviors. They will be trained in the home, outside the home, in public areas such as parks, department stores, warehouse stores, restaurants and breweries. Your pet has one on one training throughout the day in an environment that will be easy to transition upon coming home!


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