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Roxie, the beautiful Bernese/Poodle, enjoying her environmental exposure

Did you know that the number of euthanasia's performed on puppies is not do to infectious disease like parvo, distemper, etc.? The rise in euthanasia of puppies is in large do to behavioral issues. It is important to get your puppy out and exposed. Exposed to environmental stimulus, social stimulus and other animals. You can read more here:

Roxie has been sent to us to learn the foundation of basic obedience, to create good happy habits, and to acquire good socialization and environmental skills. She has surpassed our expectations! Go Roxie!

When puppies are starting training, we must understand that they are puppies, not adults, not robots. They need positive reinforcement as well as introduction to gentle leash pressure. We use positive reinforcement to train all of our puppies core skills and obedience. We add in environmental exposure and social stimulus that is positive to their development. At this stage, we do not request duration in there commands, but that they demonstrate the correct skill, while still havig fun and being happy!

We are very excited for Roxie and her owners! She has a future in agility and will be stellar! Roxie has improved each day and we expect great things for her. She is properly social, environmentally sound, and has developed proper interactions with other dogs.

Roxy has also passed her CGC (Canine Good Citizen). She is well on her way to success!

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